How to make your home and vehicle more environmentally friendly

Earth day

Here at Suburban Toyota in Troy, Mich., we want to encourage everyone in the city and surrounding areas to celebrate Earth Day on Monday, April 22, by joining the effort to commit a billion “acts of green.” For us, of course, that means starting with our cars—especially our hybrids.

We have a large selection, including the 2013 Avalon Hybrid Sedan, the 2013 Camry Hybrid Sedan, the 2013 Highlander Hybrid SUV as well as our many models of Prius—including a plug-in hatchback. At Suburban Toyota, we have a whole host of alternative cars that help save the earth’s resources. Even our regular cars do their part, with ever-increasing MPG ratings that help you get the most bang for your fuel bucks.

You don’t have to let your efforts to help the earth stop and end with your car, though. You can get your whole family involved at home, whether you’re doing something as simple as recycling cans, cardboard and newspapers or something as energy efficient as using solar panels for your home.

Other simple efforts around the house include using earth-friendly products that aren’t harmful to the environment. Check the labels of your cleaning supplies and detergents to see if they fit the bill. Consider using regular plates and cloth napkins instead of paper ones to avoid adding more to your landfill.

As spring finally starts creeping into the Midwest this year, investigate more natural options for fertilizing and weeding your lawn rather than using chemicals that can harm the environment. Plant a rain garden or use a rain barrel to capture water to reuse when watering plants or washing the dog. Xeriscaping helps, too, by choosing plants that are native to Michigan and therefore need less water.

To really dive into Earth Day, you can help the official Earth Day Network in several ways, from planting trees to becoming a climate reporter to recycling your electronics. Visit Earth Day Network’s website to find out more.

Come full circle here at Suburban Toyota, and remember that you can help the earth by trading in an old gas-guzzler and choosing a more fuel-efficient car—maybe even a hybrid. Come see us at Suburban Toyota in the Troy Motor Mall on Maplelawn Road, north of Maple and west of Crooks Road. We’ll give you a personal tour of all our environmentally friendly options.