Fight Against Drunk Driving at the Walk Like MADD 5K Fun Walk

MADD Walk like MaddAlthough the numbers have declined over the years, drunk driving is still a completely preventable cause of death that affects many adults and teens every year. By taking part in the Walk Like MADD 5K Fun Walk, you can do your part to prevent drunk driving, raising funds and awareness about this important cause.

The indoor walk will take place at Oakland Mall in Troy at 8:30 a.m. on Sat., May 4. Proceeds from this event go to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, an organization dedicated to drunk driving prevention which also helps the victims and survivors of drunk driving crashes, free of charge. It’s a cause we here at Suburban Toyota Scion of Troy feel strongly about.

In Michigan, like many other states, teens can obtain their driver’s license at the age of 16. Unfortunately, automobile crashes are the leading cause of death among teens ages 15 to 20, and 40 percent of all fatal alcohol-related crashes involve a teenager who has been drinking. MADD works to spread awareness about the dangers of teen drinking and driving, while supporting legislation, like checkpoints, penalties for bars that serve minors and curfews that can work toward drunk-driving prevention.

The Walk Like MADD 5K Fun Run might be a good starting point to bring up the topic of drunk driving with your teen, so consider bringing them along to this local event. By just showing up and walking a couple of miles, we can set a positive example for our local youth while supporting an important cause.If you have a teen in your life, you might wonder what you can do to keep them from drinking and driving.

Be sure to inform your teens about the dangers of drunk driving, and always find out where they are going and who else will be there. Let them know that, while underage drinking is not acceptable, calling you for a ride is a better option than getting behind the wheel if they’ve had something to drink. Never supply alcohol to anyone underage, and get other local parents to agree not to, as well.