Suburban Toyota 2013 Corolla Furia

Toyota Corolla Furia 2013

Are you attracted to the Toyota Corolla’s reputation for reliability, but wish for something a little more stylish to drive?

Wish no more. At the 2013 North American International Auto Show in January, 2013, Toyota unveiled a tantalizing glimpse of the future Corolla Furia, a next-generation Corolla with amped-up bodywork and a new, edgier aesthetic.

It’s pretty, it’s practical, and it’s coming to the Suburban Toyota in Troy as soon as Toyota starts rolling them out.

Toyota Corolla Furia DetroitAlthough the Furia is just a concept right now, Toyota has turned mere dreams into larger-than-life realities on more than one occasion. The specs so far are: 181.9 inches long, 72 inches wide, 56.1 inches high, wheelbase of 106.3 inches, making it larger than existing Corollas.

The new Furia reflects the company’s drive to produce dependable, long-lasting vehicles that are just a little flashier and will catch the eye of passersby, whether they’re cruising on the highway or parked at the curb.

Although the exterior design is based on very simple elements and clean lines, collectively they form a daring and distinct whole.

New design elements include:

  • 19-inch alloy wheels positioned right at the vehicle’s corners, rather than a short distance inward, giving the vehicle a stance that’s more stable, sportier and more modern. The short overhangs that highlight the long wheelbase will be sure to make a few eyes pop.
  • A swept windshield reminiscent of a race car, contributing to the feeling of motion even while the vehicle is stationary. A sloped roof line adds to this impression.
  • Provocative fender flares and a front fascia with a blacked-out grill emphasize the headlamps for a sharp feeling of contrast.
  • Advanced technological elements, including sculpted front LED headlamps and rear composite LED taillight assemblies, appeal to younger drivers who love their gadgets.
  • Carbon fiber accents around the wheel wells, rocker panels, and a rear valence with elaborate metal exhaust outlets add to this car’s detailed style.

This is a car that will endear itself to Corolla fans as well as those who like a little bit of glamor with their ride.