The Redesigned 2014 Sequoia—What We Know So Far

At Suburban Toyota of Troy, we know how you feel. We are waiting for the 2014 Sequoia as impatiently as you are. But, we can give you a sneak peek into the redesigned Sequoia, at least what we can tell you so far. Whet your appetite here.

Tough, Rugged Good-Looks


The big guys at Toyota have shared a few insider details about the popular large sized SUV with your friends at Suburban Toyota, and our dealership is all a twitter about what we’ve heard. One thing that will not change is the tough looking exterior that we all love. Toyota products, particularly the large SUVs and trucks, have a really bold and robust exterior design and that is absolutely sacred. While some things will be tweaked, that tough looking Toyota style and exciting design will remain, along with its superior off-road capabilities.

Exterior Features

The 2014 Sequoia will, thankfully, still look a lot like the preceding year’s model. The rugged wipers, sturdy roof rack, A-pillars, and aerodynamically designed mirrors stay right where they are. However, the grille and brand logo have increased in dimension to meet the beefy proportions of the vehicle. The headlamps snug up and attach at the grille frame’s edges.

Interior Features

The interior, which seats eight, of the 2014 Sequoia is redesigned to spoil you rotten. The interior cabin space seems, and is, roomier and even more luxurious, with all the bells and whistles – many of them standard. The seats will be adjustable to allow for more or less space as needed. Two wireless headphones come with the new model, along with a 9-inch LCD screen, touch screen DVD, navigation, Laser Cruise Control, and an incredible Blu-ray entertainment system. Have you seen that before? We haven’t!

The Heart of the 2014 Sequoia

The heart and soul of all Toyotas are the powerful engines. In the new Sequoia, you’ll find a hefty 5.7-liter V8 under the hood. That’s an upgrade, friends. The engine will have dual-independent VVT-I for fine tuned timing, optimized performance and fuel economy. With the Acoustic Control Induction System in place, the torque curve will be optimized for an improved towing capacity, too. The transmission will be a six-speed automatic that pairs well with the beefy engine improvement.