Stay Cool during Summer Road Trips with Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

Toyota AC car Service

By the time summer rolls around, the weather starts to heat up and so does the inside of your car. In fact, temperatures in Troy can reach well over 80 degrees Fahrenheit between June and August! There’s nothing like turning the air conditioner on during a smoldering afternoon on your way home from work, but if you haven’t kept your air conditioner properly maintained, you may not get the cool relief you were seeking.

A/C maintenance

Here are few tips in maintaining your car’s air conditioner from Suburban Toyota Scion of Troy. While a newer model may fare better between scheduled maintenance, the A/C on your older model can easily get overworked and fail completely. Before you end up with a bigger, expensive problem, bring your car in to Suburban Toyota Scion of Troy and let one of our technicians take a look.

First, our technicians will check to see if the pressure in your system is too low. If it is low, we will bring it up to manufacturer suggested levels and using a special thermometer, we will run the A/C on the highest setting to ensure your system is now giving the desired output. If the output isn’t correct, we will check for a leak next and examine the components of your system such as the compressor. Once we locate the problem, we will have your A/C up and running in no time.

Proper A/C use

Here at Suburban Toyota Scion of Troy, our tips in maintaining your air conditioner are more effective if we also provide you with tips on the best way to use the A/C.

  • Filters need to be changed regularly because dust, pollen and smoke will make it dirty.
  • If temperatures are hotter outside than inside the car, try using re-circulated air to stay cool. On the other hand, if the temperature inside your car is hotter than outside, set your A/C dial so you are pulling air from outside.
  • Park under a tree or put a sunshade in the windshield to keep the inside of a parked car cooler.
  • During winter, run the A/C a few minutes once a month to keep the compressor and seals lubricated.