2014 4Runner Rough Tough and Still Treats You Right


2014 4-Runner

The tough and changeable terrain in our neck of the woods requires a rugged truck with a tough exterior and Suburban Toyota knows it. That’s why we’re offering you the latest on our upcoming 2014 4-Runner. You’ll have to see it to believe it, but for now, here’s what we’ve got.

Tradition and heritage

The Toyota 4-Runner tradition is that of an off-road, tough, rugged truck. This newest model is no exception. The fearless heritage built in to the genes of the 4-Runner laughs in the face of slick pavement, tempestuous weather changes, rocky roads and icy cold. This, the fifth-generation 4-Runner is five times as robust and hearty as those 4-wheeled pretenders. This truck can handle the bumps along the way with incredible off road performance and stunning new interior refinements you will love.

The 4.0 V6 and fuel economy can coexist

The 2014 4-Runner’s 4.0 V6 harkens back to the powerful 4-wheel trucks of old. Thanks to the 270 horsepower engine pulling 278 lb./ft. of torque combined with the optimization of Toyota’s Dual Independent Variable Valve Timing with intelligence, that already impressive torque is even more jaw dropping-and surprisingly economical.

Off-road and around town

Toyota’s 4-Runner boasts a silky smooth suspension that responds like a race car but also Sherpas you through the peaks and valleys with a the grip of a vice. Whatever grade you get from Limited to Trail, you’ll always get the best of both worlds. Depending upon what model you choose, you’ll enjoy features like CRAWL, regulated engine speed and Multi-Terrain wheel-slip and spin control when needed. The Hill-start Assist and Downhill Assist, which come standard, allow you to micromanage your 4-Runners hilling. Like to ski? Try the Mogul setting and tackle V-ditches, slopes, or ridges on the ascent or decent.

Safety first

Toyota never forgets safety, and the 4-Runner has it all. Star Safety System with Vehicle Stability Control, traction control, and Anti-lock brakes keep you upright and on the road no matter what. Auto Limited Slip Differential provides unparalleled traction on the slickest of roads. Electronic Brake-force Distribution with Brake Assist endures you’ll stop on a dime no matter what you are hauling.

It is high tech too

Just so you know, you’re not missing out on any of the bells and whistles with the rugged 4-Runner. Tucked away neatly inside is everything you need to stay connected and jam to your favorite tunes.