Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Auto Battery

CAR BATTERYSpring has officially sprung. Now’s the time to see how your vehicle has fared the winter and ensure it’s in shape for summer. After all, you don’t want to get stuck out in the heat because your car won’t start!
Beat the heat

Hopefully, you’ve parked in an insulated garage this winter, which helps protect your battery from extreme cold. Parking in an insulated garage is also a good idea during the summer, because excessive heat can also shorten the life of your battery.

Spring cleaning for your battery

While you’re DE cluttering your home and cleaning up your yard, take a trip out to the garage to take a look at your auto battery. Keeping your battery clean is key, because a dirty connection weakens the charge and affects performance. To clean, simply remove the clamps and clean any dirt, grease and oxidation. This should be done seasonally to maintain your battery.

Go green for spring

As Mother Nature makes herself over in shades of green, be inspired to make your car battery more eco-friendly. A solar charger is an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to keep your battery charged with a green energy source. Pair with an affordable monitor to ensure you don’t overcharge the battery.

Keep your battery hydrated

You know how important it is to stay hydrated when the weather gets warmer. Well, a little H2O can also help maintain your battery. Water can stretch the life of a conventional battery, but be sure to use distilled water and avoid overfilling the cells.

Replacing your auto battery

Spring is the season of rebirth, but it might also be the time to put your car battery to rest. The most obvious sign that your battery is done for is if it fails to start the car. It’s a good idea to keep a pair of jumper cables in your vehicle, which can save you the cost of a tow if your battery dies unexpectedly. If your vehicle’s instrument panel includes a voltage meter, you’ll know your battery needs replacement when it’s in the red (when vehicle is switched on but not started).

Although it’s uncommon, a battery can sometimes have an internal short circuit. This can cause the battery to overheat or swell. If this happens, the battery should be replaced immediately. If you notice any cracks when performing battery maintenance (cleaning or adding water), it needs to be replaced.

If you’re not sure whether your battery needs to be replaced, or you just want the peace of mind that it’ll get you through the summer, bring your vehicle to Suburban Toyota Scion of Troy, and we’ll take a look for you. We can make sure that your battery is working properly, and, if it isn’t, we can replace it for you. Feel free to ask us for tips on how to maintain your battery, because we want it to have a long and healthy life.