Car Cooling Tips for Hot Days

Car Air conditioning

It sits, lonely, for 8 hours in a parking lot under a sweltering sun. Just touching the paint can deliver burns to the skin. But there’s nothing quite as disappointing than a steaming-hot interior after a long day at the office.

With the summer sun moving closer to our neck of the woods, finding ways to keep your car cooler for a comfy ride home is a must. Let Suburban Toyota give you tips for keeping your car cool.

1. Sunshades and window visors
They’re not just for babies anymore. From suction cup sunshades to large, fold-out windshield shades, these easy-to-find car accessories are great for the beating the summer heat. Putting up your shade or visor when you leave the car means your interior will be protected from soaking up the sweltering heat from the direct sun.

2. Aim for parking in shady areas
It’s a pretty easy tip, and one that doesn’t cost money if you’re parking in a well-shaded lot. This isn’t always an option, of course, but parking under shade is a great way to keep the car cool. If you have to park a ways away, consider it extra exercise and calorie burning (without burning the interior of your car).

3. Cover your steering wheel cover
Ouch! That hot steering wheel is the worst part of all. There’s no safe way to drive when you can’t touch the steering wheel, so placing a sheet or a towel over it will help absorb the sun before it reaches the leather or surface of your wheel.

4. Cover your seats, too
If you have vinyl or leather interior, the last thing you want to give your passengers is second degree burns. Throw sheets, blankets or towels over your seats to help protect passengers (and your own bottom) from the scalding heat.

5. Air it out!
Opening your doors before you get in is a great way to let some of the stuffy heat out before you even climb in. Only about five minutes will protect yourself from panting all the way home until your air conditioning kicks in.

Check out your local auto stores for other interior accessories, including solar-powered interior fans to help keep your car crisp and cool while you’re elsewhere. At Suburban Toyota, we’re here to give you tips to keep yourself (and your car) cool all summer long.